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Thursday, June 24, 2010


In a few hours, Jodi and I will be heading up to Springstead, to stay at our tiny cabin on a beautiful lake.  It seems forever ago that we purchased it, even though it was but last spring.  Since then, so much has happened: we've met new challenges (for better and worse), we've planned more instensely for our future, we've lost loved ones. 

We'll be gone until August.  Not because we're rich, or snooty or anything ('cause we're not), but just because we can.  To be among the pines, and the eagles, and the loons, I mean, we'd be nuts not to be up there as much as possible. Family members have planned trips up to visit, so that should keep us (especialy Jodi) from getting too homesick, and some little projects (including a 3 credit class I'm taking via mail) should keep us occupied for a time (unfortunately...).  But, yeah, we're pretty much gone.  And that's way cool with me.

So that means the rest of the world will be put on hold for a while (no phone or television, or newspapers, or internet access), and we can reconnect with a slower pace, ourselves, and with each other. 

I hope your summer is enjoyable, too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's JUNE!!!

For those of you who aren't kids or teachers, there is no way to adequately express the joy that it is finally June. Not that I don't love my students, but we're all ready for some new faces, some new challenges. As a teacher, this is the week one crams in all the stuff that you haven't quite gotten to yet--which is a pity because the kids really stopped paying attention once the temperature hit 80 degrees. Fourtunately, the teachers in the next grade at my school are VERY good, and I'm sure they'll fill in the gaps wonderfully when my kids are theirs...

As for me and my wife, we'll be heading up to our tiny cabin (actually more accurately a cottage, but cabin sounds more up-northy) that we just bought last year on Upper Springstead Lake (about a 4 hour, 15 minute drive from here). There, I will push the boundaries of laziness amidst the pines, the loons, and the eagles.

I mean, after all, it is June...