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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Medical update

For anyone who still checks this for info on my numbness, here it is:  The numbness and arm weakness that came a few days back seem to have intensified.  My calves are numb (which I don't recall them being before, as opposed to my whole legs), and it's possible my shoulder blades (whichever muscles that would be) are, too (they feel differently, but maybe it's just how I've been sitting around).  My right foot is virutally completely gone, figuratively, and my left foot is about 75% gone pertaining to feeling, although I can still perceive pressure when I walk (which I counldn't do with the last episode a couple months ago).  My neck even feels a bit lighter, so I don't know what that's all about.  And my right arm is joining my left arm a little bit in terms of strength loss.

I'm sure hoping this won't get worse before it gets better, but, even if so, I guess I have a baseline from the last episode and can assume that this is merely temporary.

Say a prayer.  Thanks.

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